Anticolonialism ideas of the female characters in three Mas Marco Kartodikromo’s Works: A Postcolonial Analysis

: Novi Diah Haryanti

This analysis aims to show anticolonialism ideas of the female characters in Student Hidjo, Matahariah, and Rasa Merdika. Qualitative descriptive method and orientalism and hibridity theories are used to see how these female characters represent their anticolonialism ideas as a form of Marco’s disapproval. From the result of the analysis, it is shown that Marco presents on purpose the female characters who are independent, intelligent, active, brave in stating their opinions and appear on public, and together with men fight against various forms of colonialism. The connection to the west culture makes these women become hibrid people, move freely in the third space that is ambivalent. Hibridity strategy that is the most obviously done by these characters is mimicry. European women that look so javanese or the javanese women that try to be european. In other words, both try to be “almost the same but not quite’.   

Key Words: Marco, Anticolonial, Hibridity, Mimicry, West-East


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