Fun in the Sun: UV Protection

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer is in full blast! It is hot outside and people are wearing less clothes.
Many don’t worry about the sun’s harsh rays, in particular young people, men and many times people of color.

It is important to protect yourself from skin cancer, which male whites have the highest incidence and mortality rate (amount of new cases and amount of deaths from disease). Even if you are not a part of this group premature aging is of concern. I don’t want older looking skin and wrinkles; in the society we live in people are striving to look youthful and that is often closely associated with beauty. UV rays can change the skin texture; they have also been linked to eye diseases like cataracts. The impact of the sun on your skin is not generally immediate unless you frequently have a large amount of exposure, but years and years will begin to show if you don’t protect yourself. Recently Sephora launched a Sun Safety Kit that features UVSunSense UV monitoring bracelets that change colors and let you know when you should use sun protection. I thought this was a really cool initiative for awareness. Here are some HOT tips on how to protect your self from the sun this summer.

In even 15 minutes the sun can begin to cause damage to your skin. Ways you can protect yourself are by seeking shade, wearing a hat, shades, protective clothing and sunscreen. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using at least SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 on all exposed skin before you go outside. This includes cloudy days and days that are not hot. Sunscreen works to protect you from UV rays by reflecting or absorbing the rays. You need to reapply after about 2 hours. I use SPF on most days I will be outside for at least 20 minutes. This one is what I use because it offers a lighter spray on coverage without too much scent. Whenever I am shopping at outdoor shops or going to an event in the park. The Ambi facial moisturizer I use each day has an SPF of 30. It is good for all skin tones, but especially mine and it evens out your skin tone. I myself need to work on wearing shades more, but I am seeking some cute sun protection! These are easy things you can do to protect yourself from skin cancer and keep that beautiful youthful skin.


I am a public health graduate student passionate about health and used to doing research which I am passing along to you. Much of this information came from the CDC.

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