LOVE your Water

Friday, August 14, 2015

Water is by far the best thing that you can drink. We all know that sometimes water gets boring and it is so much work to drink the recommended amount. I for one keep a water bottle and always do flavored waters. They are so delicious AND good for you! Above is one recipe that is very refreshing and good for keeping belly fat off. You need a cucumber, lemon, lime, ginger and mint! You can find other more fruity infusions online and here you can find a study cutting board similar to this one. Other infusions are on my pinterest @ginjersnaps as well as a cocktail board to balance it out lol. Happy hydrating!



  1. Eboni, thanks so much for the different tips on how to make water a little more tasty.

    1. Water is so good especially when you add goodies to it! Thank you.


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