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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Since it is the beginning of the academic school year it is time once again to delve back into your routine. This semester I am taking a variety of courses that require lots of reading (this is ALL grad school lol) and assignments. I will be sharing some tips I use to stay organized and make the semester go as smoothly as possible.

First I make sure to familiarize myself with the syllabus and schedule. I am the type of person who has a physical planner, so I go through my planner and write the due dates of large events (projects, exams) on my calendar. I got this one from Target. Pay attention especially during the first class so that you can get a feel for your professor and TA and know where to go for help.

Organizing my binder
I print out my syllabus including the portion with how grades are determined and reading etc. so I can always reference it. I punch holes into this and put it at the front of that section of my note book.
I have found that it is best for me to organize my classes based on day into a large binder. If I have very few classes I put them into one 1.5 inch binder to start. For example if you have two courses on M and W they go into the same binder and a Tu class goes into a separate one of a different color so that you do not get confused and take the wrong binder to class.

Set aside time that you will do work at a certain time each week.
When I have breaks in between courses if they are for some hours I plan my time so that I am prepared to sit in the library and get work done. The more I do then the less I will have to do later.

Network with classmates so that you can establish a network to help you get through the course and have potential study groups. Also, talk to students who have taken the course (preferably with your professor) to get some advice on what to expect from them.

As always stay abreast of changes through your email or the platform (such as Blackboard or Canvas) that your courses use. Check this frequently!

Get ready to dive in. With all of these tips and planning out your time you will also be able to spend some time having fun!


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