Vegan Vibes

Saturday, September 19, 2015

For those of you who don’t know a vegan follows a vegetarian diet and does not eat any thing that is derived from an animal such as dairy products.

Personally, I was once a vegetarian for a while then a pescetarian. I have not eaten beef or pork since high school and those are currently my only exclusions, but I enjoy a vegetarian dish quite often.

In my efforts to try new places to eat, especially black owned businesses I decided to try Green Seen Vegan the other day. After reading some good reviews on Yelp (yes I’m a Yelper!) I went to get the very popular menu item, cauliflower nuggets. They are pictured below and were very tasty especially with the sauce. After that along with my juice (also yummy) I was still hungry. I decided to get the rockin tacos, which were also good. This place will leave you satisfied and feeling light and healthy. The ambiance was very sleek and clean, but raw with the wooden utensils and bowls etc. I love the place and the vibe. I will definitely visit again for more juice and cauliflower nuggets.



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