Waffle Cones & Ice Cream Dreams

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

In a recent effort to patronize more Black businesses I took to The Official Black Wall Street site to hunt down some places. I stumbled upon an ice cream retailer who has been in business for over 20 years and had reviews that said it was better than Blue Bell! Now idk if my readers are from the south but Blue Bell is an ice cream (specifically sold here) that is one of the gold standards, so it is quite a compliment to be compared to them. Since we were in a Blue Bell drought after they pulled themselves from the shelves due to a listeria outbreak, I had to go. I need no excuses as I have a wicked sweet tooth! I went into Hank’s Ice Cream, which is in a small shopping center, to see the walls plastered with pictures of famous people and others who have visited the shop. I was promptly greeted by one of the owners and a worker who offered me samples to try. After trying three flavors I chose to get the banana pudding ice cream. I devoured every drop of that ice cream! It had a good banana flavor with pieces swirled in with vanilla wafers. I will confirm that they are comparable with Blue Bell. They sell banana splits, malt shakes and pints of the ice cream. I will definitely be visiting them from now on; this is a must try!


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