Apple Slices - New York City

Saturday, October 31, 2015

This summer I visited New York to see my sister and for the very special occasion of Chicago on Broadway. I am obsessed with the musical Chicago, as in I play the soundtrack in my car and sing along! Anyway the last time I was in New York visiting it was for New Years and winter ate me alive. I was out and about being cute wearing heels and dresses and fierce winter coats, but still FREEZING between the wind chill and the regular temperature.

Chicago is a wonderful musical and the longest running American musical in Broadway history. It was in the beautiful Ambassador Theatre and Brandy rocked it as Miss Roxie Hart. The rest of the cast was also excellent; it is Broadway!

Other things we decided to do was to go to a wine & paint class outside of the city and we ate at a few restaurants, both were good.
-City Lobster & Steak
-Blvd Bistro

And went out to some lounges and found a day party hosted by some HBCU graduates where we got to mingle and have some fun. 

I love visiting my sister and NY has its own buzz and charm to it. You can visit so many times and not see everything. Speaking of which that winter we went to a pop up near Rockefeller Center where I had some of thee best macaroons ever! I have to find that place. Sorry for the picture overload but can you tell that I had fun!? 



  1. I love it when you visit! We definitely FROZE when you came up for NYE lol.


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