Because at the Fair Everything is Fried

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

As a HUGE fan of Fall one of my favorite things about it is fairs! I grew up looking forward to the fair each year. The weather would start to get chilly and I would prepare to get out my boots and head to the fair for everything fried. I know this is a blog about health, but it is also about food. Where I am from we know that everything is better fried. Plus you can treat yourself every now and then. Everything in moderation. I try to limit my fried food consumption to one item a week at most, although this was an exception.

So when I decided to head to the Texas State Fair (Dallas, a good drive away from Houston) I made sure to check out the website to get ideas about food. There were the usuals: turkey legs, cotton candy etc. One thing stuck out as a must have because it was a winner of a prize. Fried Lobster tail with champagne gravy!

It was expensive, but all fair food is & it did not disappoint. I also chose to go on a day where many foods were discounted and I got tasty drinks and tried alligator for the first time! Don't feel bad about eating badly on this day since you are also doing lots of walking and as I said before this is a treat.

Whether you go for the games, rides, sites or sounds you cannot go wrong with the fair.


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