Priorities in Giving

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Giving can be related to so many things such as marketing. Lots of diseases such as orphan diseases get little to no money for research because they do not affect many people and the people who they do may not be well connected; this is unfortunate. Another thing to consider is the amount that goes to diseases that do affect many Americans in comparison. This is just something worth giving some thought as to how to spend your money. I am in no way implying that one cause does not “deserve” money over another, simply giving people a question to consider. There is more information in the article that this infographic came from at Vox. The following is not an original image/graphic.



  1. Good info, the chart was very helpful in breaking down which diseases get the most money. This info really makes you think. Hum???

    1. Exactly what it was intended to do. Thank you.


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