When Your Latte Isn't Enough

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

With the holidays and final exams coming up many people are looking for ways to have more energy. From several cups of coffee to coke, people are getting through life with caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system and with consumption over time you can develop tolerance to caffeine, meaning you will need more in order to get the same effects. 

With that being said some are trying to up their caffeine effects by using powdered caffeine. A few people have died by using powdered caffeine, according to the FDA. It is sold pure and it is very concentrated with a teaspoon of pure caffeine being equal to about 25 cups of coffee. If you decide to use this please be careful; I recommend not using it at all. You can try alternatives such as detoxing from caffeine, which will be better so that when you begin drinking it again you will have the same effects as when you began. It is also helpful to address the root of the issue. It is best to sleep more, drink water and exercise as options to increase your alertness and energy level. As for me, I will be having caffeine free tea instead from a cute mug. The following is not an original image/graphic.



  1. Good info, never knew caffeine could be so bad.

    1. Caffeine is not bad, it just like with everything it's best (& most effective) in moderation.


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