Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

As we ring in 2016 and another year has gone by we should take time to reflect on years past: our successes and failures and learn from them, while looking forward to the upcoming year. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I feel that if you want to do something the time to start is today. Here is something I recommend doing:

A Memory Jar
Use any jar (a cleaned out spaghetti sauce jar or an oatmeal canister) to write on bits of paper happy memories you have throughout the year. After a long year filled with ups and downs it is easy to only remember the negative parts. Ensure you start your next year off on a positive and thankful note with your memory jar. Take out each note and read it on New Year’s Eve to reflect on your awesome year!

If you are going to make a resolution be realistic and go for something that is attainable. Choose a person to help you with accountability and if possible have smaller milestones set to make reaching your goal easier and reward yourself for that progress.

The Saving Challenge
This guide sets you on your way to having saved over 1,000 at the end of the year. Saving is important and with this challenge this time next year you could be planning a trip you have always wanted to take! A good idea is to do it in reverse since it may be difficult to save that amount of money around the holidays, get the larger amounts done earlier in the year when you are still fresh in your goal of saving. If you don't have the funds to do the challenge before you can do a similar Penny Challenge. You would follow the model and save an additional penny each day.
Day 1: save 0.01
Day 100: save 1.00
Day 365: save 3.65
By the end of the year you will have $667.95


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  1. Good info, the 52-Week Money Challenge is excellent!! I always start the year off by giving all of my students this challenge paper and asking them to try and follow the weekly savings. I myself have stared this challenge, but have not totally completed the process. :-( I will try it again this year and one of these years, I will finish the entire 52 weeks! :-)


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