5 Ways to Brighten Those Winter Blues

Monday, January 4, 2016

With the shorter days that come with winter and less sunlight you can find yourself feeling sad. The winter blues is a mild condition with season affective disorder (SAD) being a more severe type of depression dealing with the change of seasons. Both of these are very prevalent in the northern states.  Here are some tips on improving your mood and preventing the winter blues. If your depression is prolonged and reoccurring please seek out medical help.

1. Get Sunlight
The best thing that you can do is to go outside and get more sunlight since this is primarily the cause of the blues. Since it is cold outside you can open your blinds to let more light into your home and spend more time outside on those beautiful bright days

2. Have fun
During winter there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do, especially when there is snow. You can plan funs winter activities to combat that change in mood. Ice skating at an outdoor rink is one of the more easily accessible activities or you could go all out and plan a trip to a ski lodge with your friends!

3.  Exercise
Exercise is a stress reliever and mood booster great for all occasions.

4. Eat healthy
The types of food you eat can impact your mood. Processed food and fast food is not as good as fresh food for energizing your body and making you feel good. Avoid those types of foods because they do not give your body the nutrients it needs. Also, taking a multi-vitamin is a good idea.

5. Sleep
Although you should not be hibernating and sleeping too much, getting the proper amount of sleep is necessary for normal body function. If you are tired then your seasonal depression will be aggravated by that, so be sure to get plenty of rest.

Don't let the change in seasons get you down, you can combat it by embracing the winter. 

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