Thai Gourmet

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I finally got to go to this restaurant. I have heard many positive things about it (including that it is over rated), but I would have to say I was pleased. I looked on yelp and saw that there can be a wait sometimes so I went as soon as they opened so I could get my food! I got the drunken noodles which were SOO GOOD (I ate it before I remembered to snap a pic)! A friend got the fried rice with shrimp and chicken, which was good too, but not as good as mine. If you are in the Houston area it is definitely worth a visit!


  1. Your blog is cute! I'm trying to figure how to follow you lol I guess I can't because you have blogger and I use wordpress?

    1. You can either enter your email address or on my homepage there is a spot to follow blogs where I just copy & paste the url. See if you have that option on wordpress. Idk but google and youtube are always helpful when it comes to these things. lol


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