Eating in Season

Monday, March 21, 2016

March is national nutrition month, so I am using this opportunity to increase your awareness of the benefits of eating foods that are in season locally. You can support local farmers and obtain foods that are fresh and did not have to travel far to reach your dinner table. By eating what’s in season you will get to taste a variety of food as the year goes by and it could save you money. When working with new vegetables you have the opportunity to explore new recipes. Follow me on pinterest for tons of recipes. This link takes you to a site that you can use to find locally grown foods where you are in the United States, and here are some foods that are in season for March in Texas.

·      Asparagus
·      Cauliflower
·      Mushrooms
·      Beets
·      Celery
·      Onions
·      Broccoli
·      Grapefruit
·      Radishes
·      Cabbage
·      Greens
·      Summer squash


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