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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I did a separate post for Atlanta food because this city is full of good food!

So Atlanta has a few nicknames for those who are not familiar with it and one of them is HOTlanta. On Sunday afternoon it was exactly that! The last time I was in Atlanta I saw a food truck selling popsicles, so I tracked it down. King of Pops makes all natural popsicles. I had the peach popsicle and it was SO good that I ate it before it had the chance to melt in the warm weather.

I met one of my friends at the popular restaurant Poor Calvin’s. This restaurant that fuses Thai and Southern food. We went for brunch and while the menu is not very large all of the dishes were good. Below is the Lobster fried rice dish. I actually had the seafood omelet. I LOVE seafood and it was packed full, very tasty and filling. I barely finished it!

Last, but not least since I am from the south Bojangles' is a place I have to go to whenever I have the chance! It seems to be mostly in the south eastern states so I can’t get it in Houston. Disclaimer: it is not healthy at all. I sent this picture to my friend and he called it a Public Health Hazard lol. I think things are fine in moderation and even though it seems like I am always getting fried chicken, I don’t fry foods at home. So if you ever have the pleasure of being in the south “treat yo self” as they say! Of course get the fried chicken or chicken supremes (strips) and get some Bo berry biscuits: a biscuit with blueberries and drizzled with a sweet icing.


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