Six Ways to Fight Sickness this Fall & Winter

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

1. Take your vitamins
Taking a daily multivitamin is always a good practice, during this time you can add vitamins C and D into your diet on top of what you are already ingesting.

2. Wash your hands
Wash you hands and don’t touch your face, eyes etc. which makes it easy for germs to get into your body.

3. Get a flu shot

4. Bundle up
This past weekend I went to Howards homecoming and I did not know it would be as cold as it was. YES I checked the weather beforehand, but the wind makes all the difference. I was trying to pack light, BUT for future reference I will pack at least one more just in case sweater or jacket. Being bundled up is more about reducing places for bacteria or a virus to enter your body than simply feeling warm.

5. Get your sleep
Sleep impacts your immune system so get your shut-eye.

6. Green tea with ginger and honey
All of these have been shown to inhibit bacteria and viruses that make you sick.

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