An Open Letter about being Thankful

Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 has been a difficult year for me. With the stress of finishing my Master’s program, deciding what I want to afterwards and looking for a job, I try to remain thankful during the good and the bad, but it gets hard. At the beginning of the year I started a gratitude jar in which I put happy memories and things I am thankful for throughout all of this time. I was going to read them on New Year’s Eve or Day, but I decided to do it on Thanksgiving. When I looked at the sheets of paper (I did not write one each day, but I still had plenty) they all centered around friends, loving family and those intangible things.

I often remind myself that it is okay to not have everything together. I can be hard on myself all of the time. I think it’s how most of us feel in our 20s. I get frustrated, I cry and feel sad about whatever may be bothering me BUT I make an effort not to stay there. A little inspiration can go a long way, whether its daily affirmations or reminding yourself that you have time. In their 20s:

Oprah was fired.
J.K. Rowling was fired.
The Amazon founder was flipping burgers at McDonald’s.
Along with a whole list of other people who are very successful now.

Point being, you become who you are because of the rough times, perseverance and the lessons you learn. It is difficult, but maintaining thankfulness is a priority in my life that keeps me focused on the things that really matter.


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  1. Very good article. Keep the your head up because there will always be bad times but remember the good times always out weigh the bad times. Always be thankful!!!


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