Easy Tips to Clean up your Eating Habits

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Don’t eat anything out of a can, seriously unless it’s soup (and even that has lots of sodium). You can make your own soup; yet another reason why I love my crock pot.

If you don’t want to get fresh veggies, frozen is the next best thing.

Substitute fruit in for desserts if you have an overactive sweet tooth (like me).

Limit your fast foods & fried foods to once a week. Have one cheat meal or a treat on a cheat day, don’t binge cheat all day.

Keep healthy snacks in the house. If you don’t have them you will be tempted to eat anything.

Remember how you felt after Thanksgiving dinner? You stuffed yourself and went to sleep didn't you? It doesn't have to be that way. Enjoy your food for the holidays, but don't go crazy. Don't eat to fast and when you are full STOP. You can always wrap your food up and eat the rest later. 


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